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Weird is the new normal

Weird is the new normal

I teamed up with Snapchat to create a sticker pack on a theme of my choice.

When Denise from Snapchat reached out to me I was more than excited to hop on the project. I had just created a bunch of funny abstract characters as an experiment and this was a great opportunity to extend the project into a sticker pack that's emotional, weird, and fun to use. Moreover, there's nothing like looking for cringy or wowed faces on the internet for inspiration.

process example

Warming up

To get the creative juices flowing I started with collecting emotion references, drafting keywords, and identifying which of the keywords have fewer or none stickers available on Snapchat. 


Let’s dance

Equipped with some cheap pen and paper, a nice playlist, and my keywords list, I turned on the play mode. Coming up with the characters and the concepts for each of the stickers was my favorite part of the project. Just like dancing it took some recharging breaks and a few bursts of energy to have a bunch of concepts ready to be polished digitally. 

Screenshot 2020-07-10 at 10.30.13

Color palette exploration

I chose vibrant colors that stand out equally well on light and dark backgrounds.

Go weird or go home

Once Snapchat chose their favorite weirdos and approved the sketches, I brought all the sketches to life. As you can see the pack is a combination of characters, hand lettering, and decorations that allow for users to get creative with their snaps.


If you use Snapchat, you can scan this code to unlock the pack:


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