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Illustration and Iconography

Access Telehealth connects patients, GPS and specialists across Australia, through a secure and easy-to-use software. Their mission is to ensure that all people receive the same quality of specialist care regardless of where they live.

I worked closely with Sam - their CPO, to set a style direction for illustrations and create a matching icon set for the website redesign.

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The Goals

Instead of jumping right onto sketching and illustrating, we defined clear goals for the project to make sure we're all on the same page.

👉 Convey Trust

It's very important that users trust the product and feel safe using it.

👉 Feel friendly

Stay away from sterile and uninviting visuals.

👉 Distinct Style

Stand out with a modern look and build on the current visual language.

Starting with Mood Boards and Sketches

I collected 3 different mood boards to show possible directions and define Pros and Cons. Then created some rough sketches for the main illustration.


Illustrations by Yin Weihung, Janis Andzans, Timo Kuilder, FM Illustration


Illustrations by Oscar, Nerdo Tv, Dominique Kronemberger, Arina Shabanova


Illustrations by Jordon Cheung, Jérôme Masi, Nick Slater, Gogo Apps

Creating Style Samples

After the discussion, we chose 2 directions to explore (the "Classic" and the "Disrupted classic").



The "Classic" style exploration kept shapes simple and lines clean for more professional look. 


Disrupted Classic

The “Disrupted classic” was all about friendliness, quirky characters that have strong personality and make the product less intimidating.

The Main Illustration

We chose the "Disrupted classic" direction, with the hand-drawn look as it was matching the goals better. When it comes to the sketches, we came up with the idea to combine two of them in one.

Here is what came out of it.



I used the same style to create a matching icon set. As the product has 3 different landing pages for the different target users (GPs, Specialists and Patients) the icons followed their color palettes.




Radi encompasses all aspects of what it means to be a great illustrator. It’s not just the artistic talent that sets her apart, but also her collaborative process.

From setting milestones, creating mood boards and giving style samples you are definitely in safe hands.

Sam Russel, CTO at Access Telehealth

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