Pitch Deck Illustrations for Brickshare

Marketing and Sales

Brickshare is an award winning property investment platform that allows investors to build their own property portfolio. Choose their investments, receive rental returns and share in any profit. Their ambition is that property investment should be for everyone.

👉 What we did?

I joined forces with their UI designer to create illustrations and help him polish the pitch deck for the upcoming funding round.

👉 For whom?

We needed to attract 45+ startup investors.

The Rejection Pile  ✂️

Some sketches that fell behind

The Winners ✨

Chosen sketches and final illustrations


A Lesson Learned

Adapt my process to the fast paced environment of a growing start up.

As a lover of process, I'm used to planning carefully each step and milestone prior starting a project. That works most of the time, but not aways.

With Brickshare, we had to cut some steps of the plan along the way in order to fit the time and budget of the project.

Instead of collecting 2-3 different mood boards and creating a few style samples in order to find what works best, they trusted me to build the style with only a few general directions.

— Radost

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